Watching Night of the Living Dead

The original poster for Night of the Living Dead.

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I need a break.  Romero’s Night of the Living Dead seems like an appropriate way to unwind.  Creepy!  And I’m a sucker for late 1960s fashions and style.  Cute blonde in the opening scenes, too.  I can’t remember if she makes it.  Shucks…I am feeling better already.  If we could survey one zombie attack, we can survive another. 

Might even learn a thing or two about surviving a zombie invasion.  Could be useful.  I’ll check in from time to time.

Early Lessons From Film:

First, you might have to ruin a nice Pontiac to get away from your enemies.  Second, don’t hide, take the offensive.  Third, it is better to cooperate with others than it is to isolate yourself in a corner.  Fourth, you cannot reason with zombies. 

I am learning a lot!

Perhaps the most important take away from Night of the Living Dead:  Some people will panic during a crisis.  Success and survival depends on keeping a cool head!  We’re about to be engulfed in a crisis:  Keep a cool head! 

Night of the Living Dead is much more than a genre-definining zombie film; it is really about dealing with panic and negotiating solutions.  Very apropos…an important primer for dealing with zombies, stress, and negotiation…something that will seem common place soon.   Today, in fact, we do seem to be entering the Age of the Zombie.  And to quote the radio announcer on my film:  “It is hard for us to believe what we are reporting here, but it does appear to be a fact.”

Keep the doors barracaded only long enough to catch your breath and plan a strategy, but eventually someone needs to make a break for something better.  Don’t draw straws, choose the boldest and the best.  You might lose him, but you got your best chance with your best man…or woman.  Zombies are slow and stupid, but don’t underestimate their dumb determinism.  Learn from Sun Tzu:  “Cleverness has never been associated with long delays.”

And also:  “The best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good.”   (Not really applicable to fighting zombie zombies, but good advice in any upcoming political battles.  Leave the Union standing, please.)

If you don’t have time to read The Art of War, watch  <U>Night of the Living Dead.</U>.


I forgot how depressing the end of this film is.  It is especially so on a night like tonight when we appear to be overwhelmed by a zombie invasion of a political sort.  Only two years, right?  How much damage can be done in two years?  It took nearly 30 years to roll back a lot of progress given to us by better generations, can we lose much more in two short years?   Tonight’s victors seem set on doing so.

Minnesota is looking awfully strange tonight.  A little too red.  What happened to that Minnesota Miracle?

Tea Party Voters? Scary Enough...


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