Buying Shirts

Man getting dressed.

Not Me.

I’m not sure what just happened.  I feel like a little kid who didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas.  I am home…pouting.  It shouldn’t be this way.

I had my mind set to get some new shirts, which I very much need.  There was a nice sale at Brooks Brothers and I had a gift card to burn.  So I thought I would get a few basic shirts for work.  No fancy meeting shirts…just workaday shirts.  Unfortunately the experience was so uncomfortable I left without buying anything.

I work in sales myself and so I pay attention to what is going on when I am the buyer.  I hope I never make the mistakes made by the people at Brooks Brothers.  I have to admit they are in a tough spot.  There are more sales people than customers and if you’re working on commission that can hurt.  But there has to be a better way.

The moment I walked in I was followed by overly enthusiastic sales people.  When I would get rid of one another was right on me.  It got to the point where I didn’t want to look around for fear of making eye contact with one of them.  My regular sales guy wasn’t at the store this afternoon.  Usually I will go straight to him and leave the others on the margin to watch.  That refuge was not available tonight.

All I wanted to do was shop around a little before getting the shirts I had already decided to buy.  I thought I might get a sweater, maybe a pair of pants.  But I could not shop.  If I need help, I’ll ask for it!  The result…I didn’t buy anything, not even the shirts I made a special trip to buy.

The take away here…Don’t make your client feel uncomfortable.  That might seem like an obvious point, but I am guessing it is one that is missed quite often.

This was a pretty dull post.  So I owe you a better one.  Perhaps after frolicking with Halloweeners –Halloweeners?  What do you call Halloween revellers? — I will have some good stuff to share. 

Don’t forget to go out and vote Tuesday!  And remember…Friends don’t let friends vote Republican.  (Sorry…bear with me for just three more days.)


One thought on “Buying Shirts

  1. Yu No Hu

    I think this was good because the point about not making potential customers uncomfortable is a good sales principle. I hate gooey salespeople following me around being friendly. i really hate friendly. Businesslike, that’s what i like. If I need help. Or just let me look around.


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