Scary Encounter!

My three fans are clamoring for a post!  Ok, all right…here it is.  Look at who I saw campaigning in Stillwater today! 

Michele Bachmann on the Campaign Trail. Scary indeed.

Michele Bachmann!  She’s looking pretty good for someone who seems to have given up her brain for some zombie’s dinner. 

All right…I’m sorry…I’ll get back to talking sales and walks in the woods soon.  It is the political season, however, and every once in a while I cannot help myself.  And I really did see this frightening sight while out in Stillwater today…Do you see her there?  Good old Shelly B out glad handing for votes.

I do have a separate ideas and politics blog on the side, by the way, that I will open after this election.   Until then, get out and vote! 


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