It Could be Worse

It certainly could be worse, but before I get to that, let me share this nice photo. 

I found a pleasant little cemetery on Old Point Douglas Road across the river from Hastings, MN.  I had to stop.

The cemetery is high on the bluff of the Mississippi River and this has to be the best time of the year to enjoy it.  Summer leaves would block much of the fantastic view that the heights offer.  Today I saw many large birds — hawks, crows, and I don’t know what else — likely migrating down the Mississippi flyway.  Very nice.  Even the sound of a pile driver off in the distance seemed just right.

I don’t know who Robert George Courrier is, but I like his monument.  Very sharp.  Tasteful.  And what a great spot to be…if you’re going to be in a cemetery.  I like to think that spirits get to wander cemeteries.  And wherever else they might want to go.

Speaking of Hastings and pile drivers, they are replacing this bridge.  Pish posh.  I like this bridge!  New bridges are too damn sleek and don’t show a lot of girders, nuts, and bolts and things.  The existing Hastings bridge which carriers Highway 61 across the Mississippi is a real bridge.  Damn cool.  New bridges?  They look like bad art you might find in a pretentious office somewhere. 

One change I would like to see with old bridges like this, however, is color.  Why these old truss bridges are always painted robin’s egg blue or battleship grey is a mystery to me.  This bridge would look spectacular if it were old barn red.

Sadly, the old bridge will come down soon.  The pile drivers are placing pilings for the new bridge over on the opposite side of the river.

Slow sales day today.  I will tell you more about it in a later post.  I can’t deal with it at the moment and I’m in the mood to grab a drink.  It amazes me, however, how many businesses think that marketing and advertising is a perfect assignment to give to the kid or the spouse or the mistress so he or she has something to do.  Today I showed up for a meeting and…well, I’ll tell more later.

Indeed tt could be worse, after all…I could be a used bike and bicycle parts dealer!  (Oh, mercy…Shuddered for moment recalling a bicycle shop owner…the gears might work on his bikes, but I’m not so sure they are working in his WD-40 infused brain.)  I like this picture, though, and I kind of think it might not be a bad gig to drive a pick up overloaded with old bikes and parts.

 Before I go, I have to remind you…friends don’t let friends vote Republican.  Now get out there and vote!  Vote Democrat!


One thought on “It Could be Worse

  1. Yu No Hu

    i’m afraid you don’t see the nuts bolts and girders and things because they don’t put them on new bridges. It wouldn’t be a bad gig to drive that truck around all day.


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