Ok…I’ll Settle Down

Assis : Dani Crane, Colleen Miller, John Saxon...

At Least One of Them is Crazy.

All right.  I’ll stop complaining about Bad Parker and his pumpkin-driving sidekick and settle down a bit.  Besides I can’t print the parking ticket (a problem with the file) and I have only three eggs. 

To relax and unwind I watched Play Misty For Me.  I like Clint Eastwood‘s shirts in this film.  Most of them.  And I think the lead actress, Jessica Walter, plays one of the very best — if not the best — pyscho-crazies ever portrayed on film.  Walter’s character isn’t necessarily scary in a slasher film sort of a way, which is how she’s often described in film reviews, but she is unbelievably annoying, to the point of embarrassment.  I feel uneasy watching her and almost feel pity. 

The film would have been a short ten minutes long if it were a little more grounded in reality, however.  Eastwood’s character, Dave, meets Walter’s, Evelyn, at a bar and after a night together it is clear that Evelyn isn’t quite right.  This film was shot in the good old days, in a better, simpler pre-restraining order era, but come on, Dave!  You quickly begin to think that Dave deserves all the trouble.  Sadly, however, his sloppy mismanagement of his girl problem brings down a house cleaner and a police sergeant.  Shameful irresponsibility on Dave’s part.  There is a long list of things a guy can do to get rid of psychopaths like Evelyn.  The first of which is stop seeing the woman!

Anyway, it worked…I am not thinking about egging poorly parked cars right now.  so put watching Play Misty For Me was a nice way to forget about Bad Parker and his sidekick.  Did I mention that I like Clint’s shirts?  Most of them.  And I do like Carmel.  And this is Carmel circa 1970.  Pre-strip mall urban sprawl and developments like Daly City were derided, not celebrated.  

One drawback to the film though.  I have Roberta Flack’s The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face stuck in a loop in my head.  Over and over and over.   I can’t shake it.  So I recommend avoiding it.  The film’s love scene which uses this song is a great opportunity to go get popcorn.

Don’t worry, U No Hu, I have a lot — and I mean A LOT — of sales to make in the next couple of weeks.  I’m kind of slacking right now and have a great deal of catch up to do.  So whether you’re reading this in Nanjing, Fuzhou, or are back home in Iowa, you’ll get some sales-related material soon.  (NB:  I have started categorizing my posts, but still haven’t figured out how to post to my Asides page.)


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