The Flipping Dollar

When I have trouble making a decision I fall back on my flipping dollar.

My Flipping Dollar

Everyone should have a flipping dollar. 

A flipping dollar helps keep a person’s feet on the ground, gives him a reason to respect fate and randomness.  It also relieves one of undue pressure when an urgent decision is needed between two equally appealing — or devastating — options in a hurry.

I use my flipping dollar when I cannot decide whether to grab dinner out or stay at home, for example.  Contrary to what statisticians will tell you, the flipping dollar does not present even outcomes.  In most cases my flipping dollar tells me to stay home.  In fact, I’m convinced that I only consult the flipping dollar when I am subconsciously leaning toward staying home because I would estimate that the flipping dollar tells me to stay home as often as two out of three tries.

Two-out-of-three is significant.  When I flip my flipping dollar, I flip two out of three two-out-of-threes.  It goes like this:

Heads is “Yes” and tails is “No.”  I flip the coin for the first two-out-of-three outcome.  If I get two heads, that is one “Yes.”  If I get two tails, that is one “No.”  So let’s say the first set of three flips is a “Yes.”  That is one of one for yes.  If the next two-out-of-three flip comes up two tails, the answer is “No.”  So now I am one “Yes” and one “No.”  The final two-out-of-three flip will decide what I do.

I might take my flipping dollar out into the field with me tomorrow.  I am looking at my calendar and I really don’t have anything solid scheduled.  It will be a day of wandering.  A guy has to be careful not to go all Willy Loman on days like tomorrow.  (Although it would be fun to slip into a little municipal bar somewhere and order a shot and beer.)


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