Mondays are Rarely This Good

Rainy Days and Mondays

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But it is all a relative thing.

You’ll never guess what I got this morning.  A check!  I am not going to get rich closing deals like today’s, but it is was better than most Mondays.  I’m not sure what it is, but Mondays don’t seem to work for me.  Maybe I’m too damn slow or stupid or something I cannot figure out.  Maybe I haven’t yet caught on that I should care.  Perhaps I am a procrastinator at heart and see four more days ahead of me.  Whatever it is, Mondays and me don’t see eye-to-eye.  Most of my clients feel the same way.  They check out.

Today, however, generated some modest results.  Might have broken even, in fact.  On most Mondays I am driving home kicking myself for not taking up a hobby or otherwise finding a better way to make the most of my Monday.  Occasionally, however, a good Monday will come along and it will keep me honest; honest in terms of my job at least.

I really don’t have anything to post today.  (Can you tell?)  But I thought I would check in.  I’ll be off soon to meet some friends for Monday Night Football.  I actually don’t like Monday Night Football.  It feels exploitive somehow…but then it is the NFL.  I like the excuse to go out and see what’s happening on the social scene, but then again…I do enough of that every other day of the week.  Why throw in Monday, too?  I’ll go anyway…

Speaking of bad Mondays.  Brett Favre and the scandal.  Opens up a whole new blog topic, doesn’t it?  I don’t think hitting on a woman is illegal yet in this country, soon maybe; but he is married and all of that stuff so I get it.   So far he’s only been accused by some blogger of pursuing women outside his marriage, right?  The blog topic that I think deserves a little time is the whole innocent until proven guilty myth we have in this country.  Until you prove yourself innocent — crime or not — life is hell.  And who out there is protecting that right of fair defense?  If you’re accused of something, criminal or just something offensive, who’s watching your innocence?…YOU ARE, my friend.  And it helps to have a lot of cash.

But I’m not saying anything everybody doesn’t already know.

Maybe writing about football will garner some readers!  I know almost nothing about football and that might be a clever angle.

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