MicroPost…What I Like About This Picture

Every so often I find something simple, but reassuring.  Take this sign for example.  I had to do a U turn on Lake Elmo Avenue to get back to this sign for a second look.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Country Coffee is Good Enough

What we have here is a rare sign (literally, I suppose) of common sense and restraint.  Why?  Well, in most cases the owners of this shop would have tried something cute like Kountry Koffee.  Or even worse, cute and folksy and come up with Kuntry Koffee.  Am I right or wrong?  I am right.  Kind of helps you appreciate this sign, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately common sense, taste, and restraint doesn’t seem to have helped this business.  It is closed.

I does, however, give me a moment to comment on Lake Elmo Avenue.  It is a fine stretch of county highway.  There isn’t much to it, but it takes you though some find old fields, the town of Lake Elmo, and along the lake itself. 

The drive along the lake gives you a glimpse at a very clear, quiet lake.  The road takes you along the western shoreline.  Across the lake to the east the Lake Elmo Park Preserve and most of the shoreline is undeveloped.  Unfortunately someone built a large and hideous house — not a home — on the northwest corner of the lake that everyone has to look at now.  One of those poorly scaled modern hulks that relies too much on modern HVAC.  I hate to wish misfortune on anyone, but…well, ok…it is simply obnoxious and will bring about an imbalance of bad karma to wish the wind would take it away.

Lake Elmo Area

 You can also see Sunfish Park on this map.  That is a point of frequent stops.  I would write more about that, but this is a MicroPost and is already too long for a MicroPost.


One thought on “MicroPost…What I Like About This Picture

  1. Yu No Hu

    I took the time out of a busy morning that i haven’t even started yet to read this because of the brilliance of the come-on–a “micro post.” I figured even i had the time to read a micro post. it was a little long, but otherwise brilliant. of course, one can’t really build a “home” in the sense one builds a house, but one could cavil that in this monster beast on the prairie one could never truly make a home. As they say, a house is not a home. you can’t buy or build a home.


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