Sunday Night




Sales guy hits it hard tomorrow…with a drawn out all-day training meeting.   That’s nothing but dull, tragically boring.  Dull, dull, dull.  And it depresses me.  So let’s talk about something else.     

All in all Sunday was a good day.  Met a friend at a favorite little Italian restaurant in my neighborhood where, by the way, they have some outstanding deals now for Restaurant Week here in Minneapolis.  Of course I am talking about Amore Victoria, at the intersection of Irving and Lake, a part of town that I once swore was the hotbed of girls meeting girls…and, honestly, who can blame them?  Makes no difference though.  I like the pasta.  And I have to give a plug to Barbette across the street from Amore Victoria — not necessarily for girls meeting girls, but possibly that too — rather it deserves a plug as it is a  fine little place for a glass of wine and a dessert.  Dinner there isn’t bad either.      

With so little about tomorrow to inspire me, tonight is all free time.  No worries other than checking that I wake up on time tomorrow.  Until then it should be easy to find something to do with the day’s remaining hour or two.  Perhaps I’ll restart my study of Blaise Pascal or write about that nervous family that huddled at the door of a restaurant I was at last week.  (So cute I wanted to go up and pinch a cheek.)  Perhaps I will email the news director at WCCO and ask them why Mark Rosen is wearing an ugly zip up and not a proper jacket.  Maybe I’ll do it all.     

Throw open the windows, let the cool autumn air in, and sleep well…     


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