One Thing I Won’t Do…

Put running a marathon on my list of 100 things  not to do before I die.  I just returned from watching the runners in the Twin Cities Marathon race through my neighborhood.  I won’t pretend to want to run…and I’m not talking about a marathon, I mean running at all.  Walking is just fine and I enjoy myself more at lower speeds.  

Twin Cities Marathon. Lake Harriet, Minneapolis.


A lot of people appear to disagree with me, however.  Nineteen thousand people are running in this race this morning.  Nineteen thousand!  And while I cannot imagine how anyone can enjoy over 26 miles of self-inflicted pain and toil, I’m sure many of them do enjoy the run.  Otherwise why do it? 

For my part, I won’t be in a marathon.  Not me.  First of all I can’t make any promises that I wouldn’t want to go out the Saturday night before the race.  I like a quiet start to my Sunday after taking in a little wine with dinner the night before.  And what about church?  I think I am looking at 19,000 runners and another 5,000 volunteers who might not be making it to church this morning.  I wonder if Michele Bachmann has noticed this.  Nearly 25,000 people gathered at one event displaying anti-American behavior.  Hell, I might call Bachmann’s office and give them the heads up.  Unfortunately I won’t likely reach anyone.  They’re certainly in church now, praying for Obama’s failure and the repeal of health care reform.  Perhaps the Bachmann camp has voice mail.  

Beautiful Early October Morning. Lake Harriet, Minneapolis.


I kind of like the idea of Bachmann and her ilk being in church this morning.  It means I won’t be running into them while taking in what is a beautiful morning in Minneapolis.  The west side of Lake Harriet was quiet and very peaceful.  Of course the city has planted too many ash and linden trees in recent years so the colors are not as rich as they might be if we had more oaks and maples, but still this is a nice autumn nook in the city.  On this morning I quickly wandered back to this sylvan side of the lake, leaving the cheers and horns rallying the runners off in the distance.  Rarely do the paths look so open and empty on a gorgeous morning like this.  The race did a good job pulling people away and concentrating them along the race route.    Good job and thank you marathoners!  

Lake Harriet. Minneapolis, MN.


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