Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Need

tryst on the moor

Tryst on the Moor


And sometimes you don’t get what you deserve either.     

Assessing the last quarter it seems that I worked too hard.  It occurred to me that “hard work” is a poor measure of the propensities of success.  There is not necessarily a correlation between greater and greater quantities of effort and results.  I’m tempted to talk about diminishing returns, but that’s just economics and who here really wants to talk economics right now.  Think instead of a naval architecture, something I know nearly nothing about.  But I do know this much…adding horsepower and a bigger propeller will only do so much to make your dingy move through the water faster.  You reach a point where all you do is froth up the sea and don’t convert any energy to moving your boat forward.  (This principle makes so much more sense if I am thinking about it as I am about to fall asleep…just trust me.)  So I think it is important to your sales guy to keep froth to a minimum and strive for maintaining an evenly flowing surge of power.  Regrettably…I frothed.    

Frothing isn’t good.  It means you spent energy and time without results then spent more energy and time and got even less results.  The next thing you know — if you’re me, anyway — you’re devising more ways to froth.  You run helter skelter, hither and yon, concocting solutions to problems that shouldn’t exist in the first place.  In short, you lose it.  You lose the zen of it all.  And the next thing you know it is all over and you feel like a grade schooler who just got his ass whipped wrestling his best friend’s kid sister.  You want to avoid that at all cost.     

So beginning Monday, I am going to go through a five step program to reform…and I’ll keep score.  Monday.  Tuesday.  Wednesday.  Thursday.  Friday.  By the end of the week we better be frothless and much happier.  Encourage people to tune in and see what comes of it.    

As a bonus, I have unpublished blog entries featuring rude neighbors and more from Sweet Lake to garnish the week’s efforts.  More pictures too!  Maybe even a few polls.  But first…I have to survive the weekend.     

Here I go!    

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