Why I Hate People

Homo Sapiens

Exhibit A

Human beings are very neurotic animals…or should I say homo sapiens are very neurotic animals?  What should you call people?  Is something wrong with “people”?  And does it matter?  Should homo sapiens be capitalized like “Homo Sapiens” and if you’re asking a question like the one I just asked should I capitalize homo sapiens and then ask if it is correct as is or leave it lower case and see if it gets corrected or not?  I don’t really know, but it is all beside the point because I’m mostly concerned with pointing out that people – human beings or homo sapiens – are inherently neurotic beasts and that makes for some difficulties for a salesman out swinging doors and glad handing.  Are you following me?

Let’s move on.

Sometimes getting along with a neurotic animal, especially if that animal is people, can be very challenging.  Think about it.  People, and people alone in the animal kingdom, get crazy attempting to live the non-crazy life.  They live the in denial, under a myth of self-determination and rational living.  And the biggest offenders are attorneys.

Sorry legal people, but I have had just about enough.  Making your way through the cliques and courses of law school does not erase an innate social neurosis that borders on full out sociopathic psychosis.  Playing grown up doesn’t make you one.

I have formed the opinion that there is a certain amount of mental disconnect necessary to effectively pull off a legal career.  I doubt that it was always this way.  (c.f., Perry Mason.)  But if I run into one more petulant Little Lord Fauntleroy feigning maturity and intelligence merely because he has set himself up in a little office with soft music and a nice pen set, I just might give up the sales profession for good and enroll in law school for myself!

You Got A Problem?

Sales people are, after all, among the best of the pretenders.  We play act every day.  But the difference is we actually like helping people and often have good ways to do just that.  The law profession could use a little sales integrity.

All right…I’ll stop with the cynical generalities, but it is true that among the most frustrating people to deal with on a professional level are attorneys, closely followed by other “professionals” such as doctors, dentists, and veterinarians.

I work by the rule that if a business does business on appointments, I’ll try to set an appointment to meet with the client or prospect.  (A business that does business on a walk-in basis, I’ll walk in.)  But somewhere along the line a professional disconnect often occurs.

Two points to make here.  First, even attorneys might benefit from some information and advice.  They might even benefit from some professional services that they cannot do for themselves.  A touch of humility paired with an open mind could be a good thing.

Second, you are not the only professionals trying to manage a career.  Sales people have schedules to maintain and goals to achieve.  Respect that.  We also appreciate being treated as professionals, respectfully and honestly.  Don’t jerk us around!

The next post will return to Sweet Lake or a similar place.  I like places.

One thought on “Why I Hate People

  1. Julie Olmsted

    I hate people, too. But that’s just my neurotic side. I find it easier to love those who drop their defenses, their “know-it-all” facade. That’s what (my) religion is all about: dropping the defenses, while not becoming target practice for those above-mentioned “neurotics” in the process~


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