Was That a Wolf?

A coyote in Yosemite National Park, California...

A Coyote, Not a Wolf



After doing a little research, I am confident that the animals we heard Saturday night at Sweet Lake were coyotes, not wolves.  And the animal that we saw on the hill behind Uncle Ed’s cabin also was a coyote and not a wolf.  I have photos of prints I found on a trail back in the woods and the animal we saw on the hill had reddish fur on his face.  The size of the prints and the coloring on the coyote on this hill both are consistent with a coyote.      

Some locals complain that there are too many wolves in the area now.  Not long ago no wolves roamed the area.  The comeback is fantastic…and I would argue necessary.  A lot of what wolves eat run through the woods.  Deer practically infest the woods today.  I might argue that more food means more wolves and I am not sure that is a bad thing.     

Coyote Tracks. Sweet Lake.



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