Aliens will have to wait

I wanted to tell everyone about the aliens I encountered while walking to the bar Sunday, 

Warren Mitchell as Willy Loman


but that will have to wait. Right now I am losing my mind and this is an important experience to share.  It is an essential sales moment. 

Here’s how it adds up.  First, my car is in the garage for some seasonal maintenance and a host of other issues, things like a busted windshield fluid pump.  Other than paying for the work, I enjoy having things done to the car.  It isn’t a glamorous vehicle, but I am proud to keep it out of a scrap heap and it serves me well.  Car repairs also mean time for coffee shop sitting.  It is a forced break from swinging doors and forcing myself on ornery business owners.  That in itself is a positive. 

But the coffee shop is uncomfortable and I am having other issues besides…my phone is unable to get a decent signal here at Caribou, for example.  Not always a big deal, but today I actually want — and need — to make some calls.  In particular, I need to call my company’s technical support team because my company-issued Dell tablet is busted.  We entered the “paperless” environment this summer which means not having a computer really cuts into what a guy can do during the day.  Generally car repair days are opportunities for me to comb through my accounts online and make a few calls to scofflaws and the like.  Today I am only calling tech support and getting dropped calls when I do. 

Add to that a manager who keeps calling while I am on minute 15 of my tech support hold and a guy might snap. 

So I put the computer — the broken company computer– aside and decided to decompress with A Little Tour In Yellow Post.  Writing about the frustration sometimes makes it all feel a little better, but then I start to think more amount the delays.  Delays cost money.  No sales today, most likely, and no sales tomorrow.  (We’re going to a Minnesota Twins baseball game.)  A couple days without sales chisels away at the next week’s paycheck.  It is hard to write away that problem. 

WWWLD  What would Willy Loman Do?  Oh…wait.  Never mind. 


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