Friday Afternoon and Market Close

A new set of projects and markets kicks off on Monday.  Today should have been a nice harvest of the efforts made in the preceding weeks, but it really didn’t turn out that way.  The summer ended with a bit of a thud.  There will be plenty to say about that over the weekend.       

Windshield Time


Right now I am in the mood to put it all behind me and relax.  Ditch the inconsiderate clients, and the today wasn’t all that bad.  Really it isn’t bad at all.  Consider what I get to do…I drive around the beautiful countryside.  If I see a business that I think I might want to contact, I pull over and do that.  Today I focused on places with activity, guys standing around talking at a garage, for example.  Stopping in and making an introduction during a neighborly chat isn’t such a bad way to get things done.       

And I stopped at parks and lakes again.  Stopped to look at cows, too, and an orange cat.  Pulled over to check out an old barn foundation (which attracted the attention of local law enforcement) and skipped rocks in a big pond.  I really wanted to stop into a bar and have a drink mostly to see who was in the bar midday, but I couldn’t be sure that I might not need to see a client later in the afternoon.  As it turns out I had nothing to worry about.     

Today was one of those beautiful murky days.  A little rain early otherwise just thick grey clouds hanging low over the land.  I like that.  In a few weeks days like today will offer even more to enjoy.  Fall colors look just as wild and bright on a dark cloudy day as they do on bright sunny days.  I like both.       

Early Autumn Roadside


Next week I move a little closer to the city and deal with a different clientele.  I will miss all the small towns and rural routes, but the opportunity to deal with larger accounts and more … well, more refined clients…that will be worth it.  Don’t misunderstand me, there are plenty of flawed prospects in the city, more than I care to count, but I won’t have to drive 50 miles to discover just how bad of a lead they turn out to be.  Plenty of guys who are all hat and no cattle in the city, too.      

A few things I’ve learned out here.  First, I think I might rather drive 50 miles from the countryside to the city to meet clients rather than the other way around.  Second, stick to your rules, believe your instincts.  And third…there’s gotta be a better way to make a living!  Although I guess that isn’t something you learn as much as it is something you accept.      

With that in mind, I think my other project needs a little attention…right after a late afternoon nap.      

I’ll add more stories, tips, and ideas in a following post.  Come back for another visit and visit often.


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