Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut…

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Well here you go…finally a day a guy can actually feel good about.  If I could string together a nice run of days like this, I might not be feeling all Willy Loman as has been the case recently…but as it is, I’ll take what I can get.  And today was a good day.      

As I like to tell people, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, and I am here to show that that is true.  At last some decent sales and somewhat unexpected, too.  So the lesson today is about the value of persistence, but not necessarily persistently working one or two key leads over and over again, but persistence in the form of activity.  Stay busy and eventually you’ll hit a streak.  Even if you suck.      

In one day — today — I managed to sell more than I had in the previous five weeks.  That’s almost an embarrassing fact to admit, nevertheless it does tell you that it is possible to recover lost ground in a hurry.   It feels good, but I look at this as an opportunity for more than just feeling good.  In fact I try not to feel too satisfied.  It’s a little strategy that I believe pays off.      

This is what I think is key to capitalizing on a successful day like today:  Act as if it never happened.  Act as if the opposite happened.  Push yourself.  Work double-time, double-smart to make something else positive happen because positive results have a way of creating more positive results.  It is a kind of cosmic momentum that really can’t be predicted or measured, but exists nonetheless.  Good things happen when you have good things to build upon.  So what is my strategy for tomorrow?  Up early and out fast.  Push.  Call, stop, call…get in as many contacts as I can tomorrow.  And see what happens.      

It isn’t all work, work, work however…I am taking it a bit easy tonight…a bit easy with the Big Easy.  Watching an old Elvis Presley film that Netflix delivered.  King Creole.  Elvis struggling to make it good in New Orleans.  Maybe the best film Elvis Presley made and features the under appreciated Carolyn Jones.  Great talent, great beauty.  (That is a picture of Carolyn above.  Best known as Morticia on television’s The Addams Family.  I believe Carolyn Jones passed away recently.)     

I also opted to celebrate with a large can of Dinty Moore beef stew.  (I’m fancy.)  I couldn’t help myself.  It is a rainy stormy night and I enjoy pretending I am in a remote rustic cabin on nights like tonight.  It is obvious that a man would have a hot hearty stew if he’s taking shelter in a drafty cabin, right?   So I had the stew.  And tonight would have been a perfect night for reading a little H. P. Lovecraft — by lamplight! —  but I settled for Elvis, instead.  Either way, a simple and cozy night.  It feels good.      

So what the hell…the next time you have a successful day, hope for some bad weather and a good movie from Netflix to help you celebrate.  Don’t forget the stew.  Then go out the next day and push yourself as if the good day had never occurred and see what happens.       

I’ll report on my Thursday tomorrow!      


One thought on “Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut…

  1. Yu No Hu

    ooooo, this was good. i like it. it sounds like a perfect day and night–especially the rain part. And the cold and drafty. This is ideal living if you’re just smart enough to appreciate it while it takes place.


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