Bonus Entry: Owls

Face of a Common Great Horned Owl (B. v. virgi...

Great Horned Owl


A Great Horned Owl was in a tree outside my bedroom.  A treat!  I went outside to hear him better and that was well worth it.  The owl might have been twenty feet up in the tree and I could hear him very clearly.  He seemed to rehearse his call in a low, almost clucking, tone before hoo hoodoo hooo hoo.  The owl called every minute or so, maybe quicker intervals than that.   

Eventually he flew off, seemed to fly off mid-call.   I could not see the owl, but I could hear him fly.  He sounded big and he seemed to hoot with his wing beats.   

I waited a while to see if the owl might come back.  I really wanted to see it fly in the night sky.  And while I waited, I heard another owl down the block!  I have heard this owl before.  It has a higher pitched call and when I first heard the owl earlier in the year I determined that it likely is a Barred Owl.  It has a “Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all” call.   (I keep my Sibley Guide to Birds nearby always.)   

It is a beautiful night.   


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