Beauty Salons

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Beauty salons and veterinarians share something in common.  They’re both difficult to prospect.    

(Is this a picture of a beauty salon or a veterinarian?  Maybe a beauty salon for cats!)      

I stopped at one swanky little beauty salon and realize that I need to work on a new approach.  Beauty salons are so predictable that I could call on these accounts in my sleep.          

First every woman in the place visibly fights back a gag reflex as soon as a sales guy walks in the door.  They glare and look ridiculous being incredulous.  Their day is ruined, no doubt.  Next the snarky wannabe stylist behind the counter needs to be addressed.  (“Ma’am” is usually best, especially if the woman is twentysomething.)         

“Hello, ma’am…do you own the salon?”         


“Oh, really?  Well, is the owner in today?”         


“Can you make decisions for the salon concerning advertising?”         


“Are you sure?  Because…”         

Then go into the sales pitch…even if it is an abbreviated one high on theatrics.  Tell the snarky girl at the front desk everything.  Drive her nuts.  There actually is a legitimate reason for doing this.  Chances are very good that the owner of the salon is in and is within earshot.  One of those stylists about to barf when I entered the salon very likely is the owner.  I have on several occasions earned a follow-up meeting and a sale by saying enough to get the owner’s interest.  But god I hate the game.  I hate going into beauty salons.  I only do it to remain experienced.  But now I am thinking I should rethink my strategy…such as send in someone else for those accounts.         

But who cares about beauty salons?  

I stopped at a funeral home mostly because a small grove of ancient white pines were near the parking lot.  Tall, thick majestic white pines with strong gnarly branches high, high up.  Beautiful.  An eagle atop one of the trees would have been perfect, but I was happy to settle for the noisy crow that was there instead.         

Well, as long as I was in the parking lot of a funeral home, I might as well go in and see if I can talk someone into buying some advertising.  The place was empty except for some poor dead man laid out for a visitation.  It startled me actually.  But I showed my respect.  He looked like a nice man.          

Eventually I did find the funeral director and we had a nice chat.  He seemed pleased that I liked his trees.  We talked about the trees for a minute or two.  Then we talked a little about advertising, something he insisted he didn’t need, and eventually got around to writing a contract for a small advertising plan.  There was a problem, however, when getting my paperwork together I discovered he already had an account with another rep.  He was covered.  This happens fairly often, actually; businesses will say they don’t need advertising, already have it, and almost buy it again.  In Rochester — and this is no lie — a different funeral director bought three ad plans from three different sales agents.         

Don’t fret.  I did take pictures of lakes and fields again today.          

Golden Rod Cattails         

This isn’t a lake.  It is on the edge of a peat bog near Lino Lakes, MN.  Has to be one of the more southern peat bogs in the state.  Perhaps there were more around the Twin Cities, but have since been filled.          

This location was an accidental find.  A wrong turn brought me here.  Making mistakes can be a positive thing.         

And I did get a photo or two of a lake in again today.          

Bone Lake from the North End Boat Landing


This is Bone Lake…a small clear lake that I often drive by.  I stop here to make phone calls and relax.  The picture doesn’t show the leaves beginning to turn.  There is not a lot of color, but just enough to show that summer is about to give to fall.  I like that.  Today was a gorgeous day.  Cool, breezy, and a few showers, but pleasant in a raw way.  Almost sweater weather.         

In fact it is cool and breezy outside now and the sun is about to set.  I think I will get out for a short walk and revisit this blog when I return.         

Don’t forget to take the poll.         


2 thoughts on “Beauty Salons

  1. Yu No Hu

    this would have been a good post except for the horrible joke in the beginning. it would be enough to make me unfriend you or block you or something, but you’re hardly worth the trouble. i would have said a “great” post for the excellent sales observations, but the beginning was so offensive, that it really ruined what is otherwise excellent sales knowledge. you could be onto something here if you didn’t keep getting in your own way. i am positive that you don’t wear nice jackets because that cheap joke is only worthy of cheap suits.


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