Still Experimenting

All right…entirely frustrated with the “simple” enhancements that this Zemanta software promises to bring to formatting my posts.  They whiz bang right through it on the snappy little video demo, but I’m completely lost…kinda like my sales career!  So let’s segue…     

Today I was chief agent of the Sales Prevention department.  No body does it better.  If you have an account ready to sign, check in hand, and maybe even a photographer on site to record the transaction, just call me.  I’ll knock that sale out cold.  I’m good at that.     

Kind of like taking care of my rig.  Take a look at this big white beauty.  That is a working man’s vehicle.  In it is all I need to master the art of  Sales Prevention.  I have plenty of disorganized files interspersed with books, magazines, bottled water, sleeping bags, overnight bags, hiking boots, spare parts, flashlights, important mail, and jumper cables.  (NB Jumper cables.)  In the winter my working rig also carries my skies, boots, and several sets of ski wear.  If you want to prevent sales from happening…hit the slopes.      

Working Man's Vehicle


 Today I discovered another simple way to prevent sales:  Let your battery die.     

As you can see in the photo, it was a gorgeous morning up there in Lindstrom, MN.  I pulled off to relax to mad rants of talk radio and make a few calls, but I could not resist a quick nap.  I don’t think my quick nap lasted more than a few minutes — or so — and when I snapped to I realized I had been napping with the radio and headlights on and my computer charging.  That was enough to drain my old battery.     

What was I thinking?  It was such a beautiful morning I should have been napping on the park bench!  But that almost seemed irresponsible.  Better to be in the car near the phone were I might hear from a client.     

Ok, ok…so I am playing up the slacker role a bit, but most of what I have said is true.  Perhaps it is time to get a new battery.  A colleague in the area came to the rescue and I got to use my deluxe jumper cables.  That is great fun.  I rather enjoy jump starting cars.  It makes me feel…mechanical.     

I include the next picture because I think it is ridiculous.  How many stiff profile shots can one guy have?  If you are me — and who wouldn’t want to be me? — the answer would be “a lot.”  I’m especially fond of this one.  I look like a mannequin struggling to maintain its balance…which, honestly, isn’t so far from the truth.  (Dig that nice jacket.  I always wear a nice jacket.)     

Do Not Touch. Unstable.


You know this damn formatting thing still isn’t working quite the way I want it to work. 
So this picture was taken while I was waiting to be rescued from near-work experience.  As you already know, I was eventually able to get my vehicle going again and take my show to the people. 
And what people… 
Here is another tip that is worth writing down if it isn’t already so obvious that you already would figure this one out on your own.  Tip:  Pre-qualify your leads. 
I met several delightful people who were unable to do business with me because they had already defaulted on large contracts years ago.  I have been doing what I do long enough that I too often presume that I am going to know who’s who, but that is a lazy thinking.  These business owners have defaulted accounts from years ago.  If they were unable — or more likely unwilling — to pay years ago, they probably are not up for it now.  And they were not.  This doesn’t happen often so when I hit two scofflaws in a row I was a bit unhappy with myself. 
Yesterday I mentioned The 70 Rule.  There is another category to watch for in the 70 Rule.  If you meet a client that wears 70s fashion (or even 80s fashion, especially hairy men going all Flash Dance) without irony or some effort of retro-hip, put up your guard.  I’ll just leave it at that. 
The day was not going well. 
I need to cheer up, so I called a few prospects that had been driving me up the wall just to be double-double sure they had made a final decision to decline my services.  Beauty salons are great targets for this bit of rest.  The snarky stylist-wannabe handling the phones surely rolls her eyes and does her best not to barf when she hears my voice, but I lay on the sweet charm anyway.  This is when it is good to be smarmy.   
But hell…even this wasn’t working!  I actually got an appointment.  Now I have to go back to that salon and be nice again.  
The day was not going well, not at all.  And it was as hot as dog breath out there.  (Let me make this very clear:  Heat and humidity don’t do much for my nice jackets and the combo completely wilts me.)  
Desperate for a pick-me-up I took the sure-fire way to unwind.  I took a little walk.  And in keeping with the day’s theme,  unless you run into a client on the trail, a little stroll is a great way to prevent a sale.  So I went on a very short walk…but left my camera and phone behind for this one.  (Sorry.)  I’ll tell you about it though.
The flies were rather nasty as were the swarm of giant mosquitos.  I intend to look up the mosquitoes in some bug book, but I haven’t yet gotten to that task.  Perhaps later. Summer is turning toward fall and I like that.  The trees and grass are not the deep green of summer anymore and many plants have hints of autumn color already.  Certainly we have many weeks of balmy weather to come, but the promise of cooler fall days works very well for me. 
For the record, the day wasn’t completely horrible.  I did get a fair amount of work done, mostly setting up for a busy finish to the week.  When plans begin to come apart you need to pull it all together again and I am pretty skilled at doing that.   
At the end of the day I went for a longer stroll at home.  Promised thunderstorms missed us to the east, but they made a nice a back drop on a calm Lake Harriet.  A beautiful late summer night. Late Summer on Calm Lake Harriet. 

Late Summer Calm on Lake Harriet



One thought on “Still Experimenting

  1. Yu No Hu

    excellent sales principles. I thought you were going to be a cooler at first, but now i understand the principle of sales prevention. this is good stuff except for the creepy formatting.


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