Experimenting Again

I understand that my posts might be getting a little dull…all of that walks in the wood stuff.  But it is what it is and…alas…yes, I did go for more walks today and I’ll briefly share some of the day’s adventures and photos with you here and use this post to experiment with some new features I have found in the WordPress settings.

I also discovered dozens — maybe 100s! — of other templates for my blog.  I thought I had to pay for that kind of stuff, but a lot of it is free.  So, what do you think, a snappier template?  More colorful, perhaps?  Let me know what you think.  Perhaps I should create a poll.  (One of those features I found today.)  

So far I have composed most of my posts in MS Word then uploaded them to WordPress.  I think I can do more formatting here.  Let’s find out.  Be patient if I play a little.  All right, let’s get at it…  

Today’s sales activity represents what one normally expects to experience while out working a sales beat.  I met the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Let’s start with the ugly.  

I have a rule that has worked for me fairly well, but has been on hold for practical reasons.  (I need sales.  Practical enough.)  However it might be time to enforce the rule again.  I call the rule The 70 Rule and it is very simple.  If a person is older than 70 or has an IQ below 70, I steer clear.  Surprisingly a lot of business owners fall into one of these categories and it can make finding new leads a challenge…  

Any large enough group of IQ scores can be mod...

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All right!  Ok…I don’t mean to make insensitive remarks about people with handicaps or a few extra years behind them, but in my work it simply is what it is.  The older folks I often find charming…they just don’t seem to buy.  I have had some interesting meetings with older business owners though.  I have toured a garage of antique farm equipment, found a private clock and electronics museum, and picked up a hell of a lot of gossip about the younger set in town while trying to make a business connection with a more experienced business owner.  I really can’t say I regret the tours and the talks, they simply eat up a lot of time and I don’t get paid for admiring a wall of cuckoo clocks.  

The people who really drive me nuts are those in the 70 and below club.  I have mentioned this in a previous post, not to insult your client by pointing out simple logical inconsistencies, however a lot of these people would not understand the inconsistency matter how carefully you try to explain it.  Just as important is avoiding snarkiness.  You don’t want to play down at the level of your competition.  

 Often these calls work like this.  You show up for an appointment and find yourself talking to the back of the head of the person you’re supposed to meet.  That is a strong indicator of a serious social deficiency, if not worse.  The next indication that you might want to cut your sales call short is confronting the know-it-all.  This is what the intellectually challenged do when confronted by someone smarter than they are…which is going to be just about everyone.  Finally, there is the anger response.  Everything is more important than your meeting and they don’t just say so, the swear and slam things around to make the point clear.  

I met one of these knuckle-draggers today.  One of the worst.  On the quiet streets of Shafer, MN, this inconsiderate clod scolded, insulted, and dismissed me.  This is a business owner who has worked with me for more than a year and I have delivered great results for his puny little business.  Even if I had not generated great results for him and did a horrible job, there is no excuse for this shit.  You either have a tough skin or you change careers.  I’m coming close to changing careers.   

So guess what I did after that?  Yes, went for a little stroll.  Yesterday it was butterflies, today it was dragonflies.  They were everywhere in the fields .  I recall a summer many years ago when there were more…the neighborhood was out together to share in the experience…and this was not quite as impressive, but there were as many dragonflies as I have seen in a long time.  

Dragonfly Field -- Shafer, MN


(All right.  I am a little frustrated because the picture placement feature doesn’t work quite the way it does on the video I watched.  Shouldn’t I be able to drag stuff around the screen and drop it where I want it?  This post will likely hit the recycle bin.  But let’s keep moving.)  

I also went to a beautiful little park in Lindstrom, MN, where I wrote a little and enjoyed the lake.  While it certainly is true that I am growing impatient with my current line of work, it does give me opportunities to take in some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.  I might look a little absurd walking the shoreline in a suit and wingtips, but Richard Nixon got away with it.   

Now if I could format this ge the way I want to, I would have the dragonfly photo up a paragraph and the lake picture where the Dragonfly Field picture is now.  But I am driving myself nuts trying to figure it out.  I’ll just keep going…  

Lakeside Park -- Lindstrom, MN


Near this park is a house a I really like.  I like the look of it.  Older place on a well-wooded hill above the lake.  A classic old house on a beautiful lake lot.  My ideal place.  Many beautiful old homes still grace the streets of Lindstrom and Chisago City.  Not quiet a New England village — still too Midwestern for that — but certainly pleasant and very much a place for anyone with any nostalgia for mid-20th century America.  

A House in Lindstrom, MN. I like it.


Hell…I’m getting bored. I will revisit this entry later.  I need to see how to set fonts here, but I haven’t the time or the patience to do that now.  I have some things to learn!  


One thought on “Experimenting Again

  1. Yu No Hu

    this was a great post. the 70 rule is a brilliant sales principle. you gotta have principles, and that’s about the best one i ever heard. that’s what i keep coming back for. to see if you drop a pearl like that. and the experiences with the types were terrific. salesperson wisdom. i hope you don’t change careers, because i want to hear all about the sales. i connect viscerally to salesmen. well, yo know what i mean. how many followers you got?

    i’m not sure how the visual of the normal curve works in here–i think you’re onto something, but from your description, the IQ distribution doesn’t match the 70 rule. From your description, most people would be in the swell of the bell. You gotta rework your visual to support your point.


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