Summer’s Penultimate Sunday

No drudgery to dwell upon today. Just an easy Sunday even with plans changing almost by the minute. I finally gave up on plans and took myself for a walk. Here’s what I found…

I brought along my phone to test the camera a bit more and see what I think of a web service called Photobucket. The idea behind Photobucket sounds like a great one, but I am concerned about privacy. I sent what I thought was one photo to a Facebook page and it turns out all the pictures I had taken with my phone were searchable through the link Photobucket created! That’s a problem. I am an exciting guy and exciting things might get caught on camera that I might not want the world to see. If I want pictures of myself boozing with the beautiful people, I’ll post them myself, thank you very much.

So anyway…U No Hu will be getting impatient with me if I don’t stop complaining about Photobucket and get on to something other than my exciting life. So let’s dive right in…to butterfly watching.

But first I must digress one more time. The photos taken here are from my phone’s camera and for what it is it is a pretty decent little camera, but I really do need a better digital camera for walks like this. I have a Canon PowerShot that I like, but I want to get a new one. I am waiting for someone to come out with one loaded with GPS and wireless technology…stuff like that.

So come along now as we track butterflies…

The woods were full of Monarch Butterflies today. Quite beautiful, really. At times there were as many as a dozen flitting about the trail with me. They seemed to be much more vivid orange and black than I recall, too, a moist deep color. Very nice.

I was on a little trail between Lake Harriet and Lakewood Cemetery. There is a little wooded trail there that is called the Bosset Bird Sanctuary. My photos should be geo-tagged so you can find the place on a map. It is right in the middle of the city and I have seen deer tracks in the mud there. No deer today. Just the butterflies.

You can’t see the butterflies in this picture. There are no butterflies in this picture. I just like taking pictures of trails. The wind blew in strong gusts all day today and this was one of the few places where there wasn’t much wind. The wind still tugged at the treetops, however, and it reminded me of a night near Halloween several years back when I started a walk in those woods in the late moments of dusk. That was a windy night, too, and as I walked farther into the woods the night got darker and the wind kept blowing. The cemetery – really should be called a graveyard to fit the story better – the graveyard was on my left and what light remained reflected off the tombstones. I let my imagination get the best of me, which was fun, and it got a little creepy back there in the dark wind. But I think I’ll do it again this fall, especially if we have a windy night near Halloween again.

And back to the butterflies…

This is the best picture of a Monarch I was able to get. Unfortunately the little critters are not all that cooperative and my phone camera has a slight delay that makes quick shots a challenge. And as I mentioned earlier, I really should have a better camera…a real camera…if I want to impress my readers with my photography. Nonetheless, here you go…

This frustrating butterfly would spread its wings precisely when my camera was not ready for it. By far this was the most beautiful one I had a chance to photograph. I followed it around the woods for nearly 10 minutes hoping for a better shot, but the opportunity never occurred.

I took a stab at poking butterflies to coax them into opening their wings. That didn’t work. Curiosity got to me and I wondered what I might look like from a butterfly’s perspective and so I took this photograph. (There is a butterfly near the camera lenses for the purpose of documentary integrity.)

Of course the butterfly would see dozens of images of me, right? They have those bug eyes because…because butterflies are a bugs, right? Well, I did a quick search for a filter that would convert my photo into a bug-eye mosaic – and actually found something – but that is a little more than I have time for right now so we’ll leave it at this. You get the idea.

(Note the classic LL Bean shirt in this picture. I believe I purchased that 20 years ago. When I was still yet a babe. Wears like iron. Yes, I do wash it.)

How about a picture of the Ice Cream Girl? When I left the little bird sanctuary I saw this girl and ice cream cart and suddenly the world seemed to be in order. I damn near cried. So I slinked around a bit to get a photo. The ice cream girl was beautiful, too, but I won’t write about that because U No Hu wants to hear less of my leering. I’m not sure why innocence and beauty cannot be compatible, but perhaps I am naïve. Isn’t this a nice picture? Much better in real time, but I do what I can to bring the best to you.

No. I didn’t buy any ice cream.

Then across the street to the Rose Gardens…

I am aspiring to a country house with large gardens, fields, some woods, and…

Wouldn’t a lake be nice? Lakes are nice, but so are rivers. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get some pictures of my favorite, the St. Croix River. That’s where I would like to be. Until then…keep selling!


One thought on “Summer’s Penultimate Sunday

  1. Yu No Hu

    This is a very good photo journal of an excellent day. I like your old shirt. I haven’t bought any new clothes in years. i’m tyring to make it to the end of my working career without buying any more clothes. the way i feel, the clothes have a better chance of making it than i do. in fact, i’m such a bad professor, they might as well just send in the clothes and leave me alone to do whatever.

    did you know david foster is coming October 12 and 13, and is giving a talk the 13th? Why don’t you drive down here to attend the event? You can stay at my house. I have a room with no dogshit. The dogs live outside now.


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