Just Some Random Notes

Your Little Tour in Yellow guide is feeling uninspired. Perhaps summer has dragged on for too long. Feeling wilted.

This wonderful little spot is on Lake Netta in Ham Lake, Minnesota. I’m told it once was a grocery and a garage/general store. The house on the left belonged to the owner. All second hand information from a neighbor down the street. I’ve never met anyone who has owned the place. The interesting thing about this property is the location. It is on a side road not near anything I can see that was ever developed or had much traffic. Even today it is essentially in the middle of nowhere. A short distance to the north a major road crosses from west to east and I’m sure most people have no idea this sits abandoned on a lake road.

I wish I had framed this shot better though…I cut off part of the old house. Lake Netta is right behind the property. It is a beautiful lake, mostly untouched by development and most of the shoreline has natural vegetation of reeds and grass. Once there were thousands of little lakes like this in Minnesota, but many were drained or ruined by development. I like the place.

It is a good idea to have places like this to go to when sales suck. Of course everyone might not find peace in an abandoned garage and grocery, but that doesn’t matter. You just need to have your peace and find whatever it is that brings it to you. Unless it is a bar. I believe that is frowned upon in most professional circles these days. But you never know…

Hey…you know that place in the middle looks like it might make a nice little bar and restaurant. There are neighbors, however, and they might not be all that big about an idea to open a bar and restaurant on their street.  What else could a person do with those buildings other than grab a lawn chair and enjoy them?

Shoot! Battery almost dead! Need to post…


3 thoughts on “Just Some Random Notes

  1. u no hoo

    it was probably a post office, too. there used to be places like that down the road from the ramshackle fishing “resorts” my dad used to drag us to in minnesota when i was a kid. why not buy it and start a rustic resort? they keep the grass mowed, though. what’s that thing out front?

    1. Tour Guide Post author

      I hadn’t noticed, but it is kind of funky…it starts on Monday and ends with Saturday and Sunday.

      I should get a different calendar format there. Is that how they format calendars in Britian/Europe? I think WordPress is a British company.


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