Glad Handing…

A sale today. It doesn’t deserve much more mention than that. A teeny tiny little itsy bitsy sale today. I feel good nonetheless. The guy that bought the program probably couldn’t pay for more and even this little bit will help…at least it cannot hurt. And I made a buck or two. (Literally…damn near.)

The real joy is keeping the pencil-pushing management team at bay. A new sale, even the tiniest of small sales, gets them all worked up and satisfied. Never mind that one of our biggest clients might be about to go belly up and a person could make a case for investing time to save that account, the new sales rule supreme and I do understand that to a point. Plus it is fun…yes, fun…to add an account to our book of business. It’s kind of like finding a choice of meat still clinging to a turkey carcass just a moment before the old bird was going to be tossed. It feels good to add to the company stock.

And the day got better. People were in a pleasant mood, more or less, and other than the horrible heat it was not such a bad day to be out and about. I pulled up along one of my favorite lakes to make a few calls. That was a highlight of the day. I made calls, checked my oil, cleared out some clutter from the back seat, and took a short walk down to the boat landing to watch guys luckier than me haul in a large pontoon boat.

(I need to remember pictures! Pictures! More pictures!)

Then I got “lost”. Lost in quotes because I should have known better. I was 99% certain I was going to end up on some torn up gravel roads in the middle of nowhere, but I took that route anyway just in case I was wrong and the route was right. That was all fine until I really did hit gravel, the car got dusty, and I got sick of the rumblely washboard ride. I did hit pavement again, but only after wasting a good 30 minutes and who knows how much gas. But even that was ok. It kicked me into high gear. I went and did a little extra door-knocking. And, once again, people were rather pleasant. I even made an appointment or two. I don’t expect much from the appointments. Teeny tiny sales maybe. But hey, those add up…slowly…like ice on a glacier, but once you get that glacier going it is one big old thing.

Glaciers take tens of thousands of years to develop and grow.

I don’t have tens of thousands of years.

Can’t think of retirement though. Got to keep on pushing on. Be the best sales guy in the business. (Came close…kind of…at one point in my career.) Just keep pushing on. Wake up tomorrow, look in the mirror, and call myself Mr. President’s Club.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

One thought on “Glad Handing…

  1. u no hoo

    okay, I like the slight movement toward the Chandleresque hard-boiled patter, and the inner life of the lowly salesman. Let’s hear more hard-boiled kind of stuff. You’re welcome for the title. It’s right out of Double Indemnity. I want to read something that makes me feel like I’m in Double Indemnity.


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