Bonus Entry

I feel like I should get this off my chest just in case I die in my sleep:


To be more accurate, I should say I hate summer weather. I hate it, hate it, hate it…Of course I would go crazy mad if I didn’t have summer storms to enjoy and I don’t mind some quality time on a lake or river or at a beach, but for the most part I hate summer.
In Minnesota it is regarded as bad form to hate summer. We’re supposed to like the season because we’re supposed to dislike winter. That kind of thinking is unsubstantiated by any rational premise and flat-out ass-backwards besides. Winter isn’t nearly as swell as fall, but it is a hell of a lot better than summer. No bugs is the obvious advantage, but think of how nice it is to breathe fresh winter air and think about how soothing those long dark winter nights can be. Don’t forget the food…does anything better exist than a cozy rich meal served with a hearty wine? I don’t think so. Fashion in the winter…well, ok. For guys not so bad, but I have to admit that I might give summer the edge for the ladies’ fashions.

But why not settle on fall? October! God, is there a more beautiful season than a northern autumn? Realistically it is all that you want in summer but better. You can still enjoy boating, swimming, and outdoor sports and activities generally…and you can enjoy it without the fear of overheating and sweating up a stink. And autumn is the time to sleep with all windows wide open (although I’ll confess that I frequently open a bedroom winter throughout the year). October is where it is at. The best time of the year…better than this obnoxious horrible summer shit we suffer through.

I accomplished little to nothing tonight because I was in such a sour mood about the weather, but now…now I feel better. Now I can go to bed with my mind at ease. My conscience is clear. I’ll accomplish more tomorrow. 75 and sunny with a steady northwest wind and no humidity. Perfect.


One thought on “Bonus Entry

  1. u no hoo

    well, this is all true. i didn’t know minnesotans were supposed to hate winter, though. i thought all of those people moved to florida or arizona. how could you stand arizona?


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