What I am thinking about…

No…I’m not thinking about why They hate me, although I probably would if I started thinking about my sales career again. I’m too exhausted to think about work. Not much to think about there anyway.

So I caught myself wondering about what would happen if my dead cat really did show up at the foot of my bed one night. Or if I opened the door and met a dead relative there to greet me. But let’s think about the cat. Less creepy. More normal. Klick Klack Kitty Cat makes frequent appearances in dreams and I simply shrug off the supernatural aspects of her showing up to do whatever it is she is doing. It is rather simple, really: “Oh, Kitty Cat. What are you doing here?”

So I am guessing if I am going over to the other side quietly in my sleep, Klick Klack Kitty Cat won’t be there to greet me. At least not first. I can’t believe Kitty Cat would ignore me entirely however. I mean…I wasn’t that bad of a guy to live with. And I did try — with mixed results — to save her life a few times.  (Cats have nine of them, you know.)  I’m sure Kitty Cat will be fine when I show up.  There’s plenty of room in paradise.

I expect it could be one of those relatives at the front door scenarios that will let me know I have slipped quietly over to the other side. There’s good reason to think that. First of all, what decent self-respecting dead relative would waste time just showing up for a gag? None of mine, unless a prankster exists in a generation unknown to me. Plus…and here is the real test…when these dead relatives do show up in dreams, eventually I freak out! “Whoa! What are you doing here?!” Generally I’m slow to catch on and my eyes open to spectral spookiness about half way through dinner or whatever it is that we are doing.

I’m not buying the visit from a dead relative theory much, however. (I already mentioned that they are decent and self-respecting kind of folk.) I have my money on a long-forgotten friend or neighbor from years long ago. Mr. Pepper, maybe.

So anyway…it is something to think about when skipping from one storefront to the next. I just hope I don’t find out too soon.

(Golly…What if it is a Space Odyssey kind of experience. Do I invite myself to sit down for dinner?)


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