Today is the Day!

Got up this morning and I said to the cat, “Today we’re going to be the best advertising salesman ever!”

Because my cat has gone over to the other side and is now chasing birds in paradise, I am not quite sure what her response was, but I expect it was a positive one. I can feel Klick Klack Kitty Cat on my side! And with that I cannot fail.

Unfortunately my Outlook calendar looks a little sparse this morning. So about an hour ago I thought I would muscle up my day with a good hearty breakfast. Thick cut black pepper bacon and pancakes topped with real maple syrup. (Don’t eat the artificially flavored stuff…that can’t be good for you.)

Now everything smells like bacon and I feel a bit overfed. We lacked orange juice over here at Sales Control, too, so I am not feeling entirely refreshed. Plenty of calories to burn, however. It’s a shame this is not all happening deep in the winter.

So as a part of resolution to be the Best Advertising Salesman Ever I will include better attention given to my Little Tour In Yellow. I’ll include more photos, too. Perhaps I can get a snap or two of some of the knuckle-draggers I deal with on a daily basis…no, can’t do that. I am keeping everything about my clients unidentified.

I might try to get a picture of the adorable Corn Girls selling fresh sweet corn just outside of Scandia. They might think it is creepy – when isn’t it a little creepy for an older guy dressed in a suit to stop and take a picture of nubile farm girls? – but it would make a good neutral picture. No clients. Neutral.

All right…how do I neutralize this bacon smell?


One thought on “Today is the Day!

  1. u no hoo

    how can you be so stupid? you HAVE to get their pictures, fool! just ask them first! you’re being a coward. it’s like too internally contradictory for me. how can you be a salesman AND be too much of a coward to take people’s pictures? that would be hilarious. Go Walter Neff.


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