At The Lake

Sorry to disappoint my readers. But I am at the annual summer vacation and family reunion. Not entirely safe from the sales world. New communications technology – you know…that Internets? – has me tethered to work, even if only loosely. There have been the expected calls and emails from clients who are tech-savvy enough to know that you can be reached in all but the remotest parts of the globe these days and figure they will get your undivided attention when you are on vacation. Well…they are incorrect. They have to stand in line with the other clients pursuing the same strategy. There has also been the snarky email reply from some director or other in our corporate customer service department. And the automated updates and memos sent en masse to all of us on the sales team never end. It is troubling, but I have an easier job ignoring the phone than email.

So I will write more about the lake this week, and being a true Minnesotan, talking about the lake will be comprised mostly of thoughts on the weather, fishing, and the weather.

The weather has been fine. Day One started off with a bang! Wild storms. Amazing clouds all twisted and torn up in a fantastic spectrum of blue-black, purple, and white-grey. If I already wrote about this, forgive me…I haven’t been reading my blog. Don’t fret. Acknowledging these storms again is justified. In my experience, they rank easily among the best storms ever experienced. At one point the rain and clouds and wind came on so heavily the highway blacked out. Nothing to see. And the wind strongly whipped the rain and other things through the air so fiercely I wasn’t sure if I should worry more about being flipped over or ripped through. Here is a picture of the storm in that “Calm Before the Storm” phase.

I met a cousin at bar on the lake. We had a beer, maybe two, and talked about the weather and fishing with other people at the resort. We didn’t have long for this…we had to get back to our own resort and start dinner for our group. Steaks, chicken, and burgers with all the fixings, loads of picnic side dishes, and a commercial grade bar (which has needed restocking since)…it was all on the menu. The storm would linger a bit, so unfortunately the grilling and dining was a little damper than we would prefer, but it came together nonetheless.

Incidentally, food is a good lake time topic to mix in with weather and fishing…

(A chipmunk just popped up onto the deck. I’ll guess his name is Rick. He looked like a Rick.)

Let’s jump ahead a little here. Fishing has been miserable, but the kids don’t seem to mind. Some kids even opt to fish without bait or lures and I admire that. Many of us older fishermen would be better off if we could adopt the same carefree attitude. While we are throwing out expensive lures and bait (and risk getting hooked) they are tossing nothing into the water but a weight on the end of a line. Very worry-free. Very smart. too, especially considering the lack of success we have getting anything in the water to even consider a thoughtfully prepared and presented summertime snack.

And now let’s jump back a little. The weather has been fine. Other than that great storm, there haven’t been many thrills, but the weather has been nice nonetheless. Sunny, warm and not hot, and very little rain. That might change a little later this week. Storms are always nice at the lake. For my money, a good steady rain isn’t bad either. I like weather, both good and bad. Monotonous weather is a drag, but until recent years that was much of an issue in Minnesota. So far this summer – and this week – are panning out nicely.

I’ll check back. My coffee is getting cold.


One thought on “At The Lake

  1. sandy

    the weather sounds like a dream. i was in one of those minnesota storms on a lake once, and DID see a big black tornado across the lake from where we sat. No one acted frightened, or said anything. Typical Minnesota aplomb, I guess. I was going to follow the nearest leader to take cover, but everybody just sat in their armchairs and watched while the thing made its way toward us. When it got close enough to give me a heart attack, it veered away. I figured the Minnesotans knew something I didn’t, or worse, were so besotted with booze they didn’t see the damned thing. This is the first time I’ve ever told anyone about it.

    Shane, please, you’re an educated pike. Avoid the passive voice.


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