Habit Forming…

No, not the blog…This is no where near a habit yet. I used a lot more stick than carrot to get myself this far tonight. As it is I have taken a good five minutes to write what I have down so far. Nothing very promising about that, now is there? And there wasn’t anything all that promising about my sales career today either. The problem with that, it seems, is my willingness recently to be very generous with undeserved carrots. I allowed myself more wandering…I am more flaneur than salesman these days, and that is what might be habit forming. Cannot allow that to get too deep, but tomorrow is the start of a week long holiday and who’s going to grump if you kick it in a day or two early?

Besides…things need to get done. I had to get my shoes shined, for example. It had been quite a number of weeks since I stopped to have my shoes done for me. The shine master commented on my absence. That made me feel good; it is good to be noticed and missed. Anyway, tomorrow marks the start of a weeklong vacation and I decide it is a good time to get my shoes shined. (They look outstanding.)

I also checked out some of my moonflowers and morning glories. Let me explain this. I like to get a few packs of flower seeds every spring and plant them hither and yon while I am out and about. This year I estimate that I likely planted a few dozen seeds in parks and places around town. Only two have any life in them now. Perhaps there is one or two forgotten seeds that are now flourishing, but I have no reason to believe that this is true. This was a terrible year for moonflowers and morning glories.

A little park called Gervais Pond or Gervais Mill in Little Canada is the place I checked today. I planted several seeds there late this spring. I hoped to find something and I found nothing. The park looks great in the full bloom of summer, however, but my flowers are not part of it. Nothing to worry about, though; the day was gorgeous; cloudless bright skies and perfect temperatures. Much like Phoenix in March.

Regrettably walk in the park was interrupted by a call from a client. Often this is just a temporary annoyance, but today it was a day wrecker. The account is small and cancelled many months ago. They are merely running out the end of their last contract. I really don’t give them much thought anymore so in most cases this call would be essentially meaningless. However, this is not like most cases.

The client is one of those that has a loop of questions to hurl at me, dozens of questions, and eventually they repeat, hence the loop, and often the questions are not even relevant to my business with the client. An endless confusing maze of random hypothetical problems as in “If I hadn’t cancelled my order, what would you guys be charging me because I don’t want to be charged, but what would it be?” Which inevitably brings a follow up of complaints about the cost and value of the hypothetical contract which is then reinforced by long rambling examples – hypothetical, for course – about why such a contract would not be a good idea in this day and age. Annoying.

Plus this is a woman who can speak for ten minutes and never complete one sentence. She doesn’t really speak in run-ons, she simply interrupts herself…

“You really have to have another option for clients like…because you know there are times when…and then I want…you know? You know what I mean? You do? And another option would have well maybe would have made a difference…you know, you know what I mean? Uh huh. And I was telling my secretary about it…do you have another option because sometimes people like me, you know, sometimes we have different options in mind and even my secretary said she did too… do you know what I mean, it is not just me and oh and that reminds me, I was called the other day by a marketing guy and I thought it was you and I told him just that, that options at a time like this would be nice and he was listening, you know, so I thought it was you, I still thought it was you…do you know what I mean…”

Wait a minute…it is almost therapeutic to write it out, bad as it is. Much different than listening to it (which I largely don’t) and probably also much more pleasant to write than it is to read so I will stop. Let’s move on. I’m not sure how I got here…

In review…a seemingly habit forming day of low productivity and much wandering. Kind of like yesterday but better or worse depending on your goal for the day and how you see your goal met. (It is all in the assessment. That’s all it is.) No pinwheeling purple martins today, thank god. Not much wildlife at all. Just some diving duck I couldn’t identify on Gervais Mill Pond. I was going to go back and look at that duck again, but my client’s day-busting phone call threw me off my wandering course. I went wine shopping instead.


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