Hello world!

Bear with me.  I might start rather slowly as I feel my way through this blog…I really haven’t any idea how it works or what will appear to you on the screen as I try to figure out how it all works.  I have had false starts on blogs in the past and I intend to avoid that disappointment this time.  You will literally grow with me if you stay with me.  Let’s see what will happen…

I will add some explanation to the “About” feature on this blog, but I can also share here — since this is a bit of an experiment and a trial post — that I will share a daily log of what has happened as I move about town meeting clients.  Expect to see a lot of notes about non-work related experiences, however; my career can be work and often tedious work.  Who wants to read about that?  I will share unique events and frustrating events, I suppose, and I might even share the occassional success, but I anticipate highlighting the mundane mostly…and making that interesting, I hope.

If you believe you are one of my clients, have no fear…I will do my best to confuse the identity and scenarios of the people and businesses I meet.  A butcher may very likely be a baker or a candle stick maker. 

Also expect a lot of natural history and observations of climate and phenology. 

Ok, I am eager to see what happens when I hit post!  (Where do I hit post?)

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